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About Star Fresh Limited

Back in 2008, our founder, Robert, noticed that the lorry delivering a pool table to his student house in Manchester would be driving back to London completely empty… Not only is this a waste of profit, time and CO2 emissions – it is widespread throughout logistics. Over 25% of vehicles run completely empty and over 50% run only part-full according to department for transport stats. Shiply was born – An online transport marketplace that connects delivery companies and customers. We empower delivery companies to maximise spare vehicle space (thus reducing harmful CO2 emissions). All while providing users with the best possible price for their delivery. To date Shiply remains privately owned and has been used by millions of users across the world.

Provide Value

We want users to get the best price and delivery companies to find as much work as possible.

Fair Platform

mosslogist is built on trust, utilising our feedback rating system.

Reduce CO2

Reducing empty vehicles on the road and wasted journeys.

Safe and timely direct transports

Customised FTL and LTL solutions tailored to your requirements? Our experienced and competent employees ensure smooth processes with their in-depth regional and industry knowledge. We find the most economical route for your goods and enable a professional handling. Always at the centre of all efforts: highest quality and reliability Standard Full Truck Loads or efficient Competence Lanes – with our Starfreshltd Direct Services your goods arrive safely and on-time at their Europe-wide destinations. We also provide suitable solutions for more complex transport logistics requirements and total outsourcings with our Starfreshltd Direct Solutions.

The online delivery platform

Star Fresh Uk combines a transparent platform with features that empower delivery companies to run efficiently and maximise profitability.

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